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Since its founding more than 70 years ago, Sims & Sims Court Reporting has grown to be the most respected court reporting firm in Napa County.

Our experienced staff of Certified Shorthand Reporters will provide you with in-depth knowledge throughout the entire process.  We are dedicated to providing professionalism, knowledge, dependability, accuracy, and convenience to all of our clients. We offer a wide variety of services from court reporting, conference suites, videoconferencing, Polycom teleconferencing, videography, realtime, and document repository.

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Daily & Expedited Transcripts

Our normal delivery for all transcripts is 10 business days. Expedited delivery is available from same day to 7 business day turnaround.  Rough draft ASCIIs also available upon request typically within 1 to 2 business days.

Realtime Services

This service is available upon request with advanced notice.


If you are in need of an interpreter, we can arrange for one to be present for the deposition. You can request an interpreter when scheduling your deposition.

Deposition Suites

Our deposition suites overlooking downtown Napa come free of charge with the use of our reporters. We also offer high-speed internet, refreshments, coffee, tea, and water at no charge for your comfort and enjoyment. 

E-Transcript, Word Indexing & Condensed 

We will provide accurate, high-quality transcripts directly to your email.  With our Supporting Media Bundle, we provide you with the transcript in both 

full-sized and condensed formats, word index, and scanned exhibits.  (CDs are also available upon request.)  


We have videographers available upon request.

Depositions can be recorded in digital or analog formats and synced with the transcript

Document Repository 

We know masses of paperwork involved in your job can be overwhelming, but we can maintain your documents for you.  Our services include creating daily deposition exhibit binders and indexes for all attorneys.  

We also offer E-Transcripts.  What is an E-Transcript™?

E-Transcript is an electronic means of receiving your transcript, either on CD or by e-mail.  Unlike getting an ASCII, E-Transcript has the program already built in so there is no additional software to buy and install.

Hyperlinked word index and transcript allows you to rapidly move within the index to access specifics within the transcript or vice versa.

  • Click on a word within the index.

  • Click on page and line numbers in the index.

  • Search a word using the Find button or CTRL-F.

  • “Previous” and “Next” buttons find other instances.


Customize your printing options instead of tearing apart a transcript when you need to copy some of the pages:

  • Print out your own full-sized or condensed transcripts.

  • Indicate the number of transcript pages on a sheet.

  • Print the notes section or not.

  • Print the questions and/or answers in bold.

  • How many columns do you want in the word index?

  • And more


Synchronized exhibits allow these same features between transcript, exhibit, and index. This feature is ordered in addition to an E-Transcript, so please contact our office for more information!

Complementary Conference Rooms


Conference rooms are available to our clients at no charge when scheduling your deposition with Sims & Sims.  We offer free high-speed internet as well as complementary coffee, tea, water, and refreshments. Crystal-clear Polycom teleconferencing and videoconferencing are available for an  additional charge.  Our suites are located in Napa near the historic Napa courthouse.  Each conference room overlooks downtown Napa and is within walking distance of numerous hotels, restaurants, and shops.    


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Sims & Sims is a CSR-owned firm and is a mernhcr of the National Court Reporters Association and California Deposition Reporters. Our court reporters are licensed and experienced certified shorthand reporters. 
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